Glass Tower Reflected Light

Urban landscapes are full of glass towers. On clear days in the mornings and evenings, they reflect ghostly light on the the buildings around them and the people below. The windows create fuzzy patches of shadow and light almost as if you are looking at sunlight shinning at the bottom of a pool of clear […]

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Urban Disorientation

Continuing on the theme of disorienting reflections in my last post, I began to wonder how this would look in an urban setting. So, I went into Tokyo to give it a try. Below are some photos. In many urban settings, ceilings are reflective. Turn an image upside down, and it is no longer obvious […]

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Disorienting Reflections

There is an alternate reality all around us that we typically don’t see. To see it requires changing perspective, frame and removing noise. It can be disorienting for a moment before you realize what you are seeing. Then it is enlightening. This is true not just in life metaphorically, but also in photography. You can […]

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Compelling People

People fascinate me. I did not realize how much until I started photographing them. At first I photographed people at random, and while kind of interesting, I found I ended up with a lot of banal pictures of random people. Yet sometimes I would happen upon a photo that is in some way compelling. Sometimes […]

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The View from Below

  Continuing with the theme of organized chaos, I wanted to add the idea of the view from below. I decided to go out and shoot with 90mm and 50mm lenses rather than the 28mm and 35mm lenses that I had used in my Organized Chaos post. The idea was to limit the frame in […]

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Organized Chaos

In looking at some photos of Tokyo in a book published by TOP, I though what makes some of thr photoes interesting is thr concept of organized chaos. In fact, what makes some much of Tokyo an interesting city is how jumbled and chaoitic it can seem while being so orderly and organized. So I […]

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Shin-Soe-Hikae 真 副 控

Composing in “threes,” a street photography technique I learned at a recent workshop in Kyoto, is harder than it sounds. While this works for many photographers, looking for subjects in threes netted me a lot of boring photos. So I decided to change my approach, and think of three as a concept rather than a number. But what concept? […]

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I am a Street Photographer who Lives in Japan

I shoot street photos because I want to capture the beauty of world I see. I also shoot as a way to connect with my father.

I started shooting street photography about a year and a half ago. I had only recently gotten into photography in order to capture the beauty of the morning light while cycling in the mountains close to where I live. All my photos were landscape for the first few months.

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