Organized Chaos

In looking at some photos of Tokyo in a book published by TOP, I though what makes some of thr photoes interesting is thr concept of organized chaos. In fact, what makes some much of Tokyo an interesting city is how jumbled and chaoitic it can seem while being so orderly and organized. So I decided to go out and shoot with that theme in mind.

I am still thinking in terms of shin-soe-hikae as I pursue organized chaos. In the photo above, I like the feeling of a layered city, with the teaming chaos below that dark and obscure, while the city above is clean, organized with straight lines and lots of white space. The dark walkway  divides the scene diagonally, created nice constrast. I rendered this as a drawing as well.

Another photo along the same theme contrasts  the jumbled and the minimal.

I think the sihlouette of the pedestrian in thr center makes the photo. I just wish i had caught this a bit closer. I got closer to the walkway in the distance and waited for someone else to come along, but no one did before I lost patience and moved on.

The photo above is interesting because of the patterns and the contrast–the crosswalk stripes against the blocks on the awning across the street, the single silhouette of the women in the foreground against the lighted crowd in the background, the clean lines and open space in the fireground against the jumbled background.

I took these photos with a wide angle lens, either 28mm or 35mm to get in a large swath of the cityscape. However, instead of focusing on including the most, I looked at the photos and wondered what I might cut out. For example, look at the two photos below.

And here it is cropped.

What if I pursued the same theme with a longer lens, like a 50mm or even a 90mm, looking up?  That’s my next project.

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