Disorienting Reflections


There is an alternate reality all around us that we typically don’t see. To see it requires changing perspective, frame and removing noise. It can be disorienting for a moment before you realize what you are seeing. Then it is enlightening. This is true not just in life metaphorically, but also in photography. You can show an alternate reality in the same way. Have a look at the photo above.

Reflections are a great way to disorient. In the photo above, trees in the upper part are a selection from a pond. The orientation is upside down. I remove noise not just through framing but also by removing color. For a moment, everything in the photo is familiar, but unreal. You are disoriented. After looking for a while, it makes sense.

What I love about this photo is that it is deceptive for a moment. The smoothness of the water on the pond make the trees above appear real rather than a reflection. The squiggles in the sky, which look almost hand drawn, are twigs coming out of the water. They appear to be in the sky until you realize what is happening. The reflections of the twigs in the water make of interesting designs, and add to mystery at first as to what they are. I like this photo be cause of what it does to the viewer.



Above is another photo of the same pond. This one, while beautiful, is not as disorienting because the presence of the building gives too much of a clue as to what is happening.


This photo is also beautiful in my view. It a bit more busy than the first, and has a bit more noise. It is also disorienting, but perhaps less so than the first.

I will continue to pursue the theme of disorientation through reflection.

One thought on “Disorienting Reflections

  1. The way you use the reflections to disorientate is amazing. I first saw the top photo on your instagram feed. It totally confused me to start with. I felt so compelled to solve this ‘puzzle’ and I couldn’t draw my attention away until I had. An absolutely fabulous image.


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